Two Brothers Winemaking Journey

Two Brother`s Winemaking Journey

Philip and Kevin Liu have had an interesting journey from growing up in a farm family in Taiwan to becoming winemakers in Australia. Their childhood was spent playing in their grandfather's rice and bamboo fields, learning the value of hard work and being involved in the family's agricultural activities.

Both brothers shared a passion for engineering and pursued engineering degrees. After completing their studies, they joined their father's car components factory, likely contributing to the family business and gaining valuable experience in the manufacturing industry.

In the early 2000s, the entire family made the life-changing decision to migrate to Australia, drawn by the allure of a different lifestyle and the "Australian dream." This decision must have been a significant step for the family, involving a lot of adjustment and adaptation to a new country and culture.

It took Philip and Kevin around five years to settle down in Australia, during which they furthered their education. Philip pursued a master's degree in Oenology at the University of Adelaide, which involves the study of winemaking. This must have been a transformative period for the brothers as they deepened their knowledge of wine production and its nuances.

In addition to Oenology, Kevin also studied Marketing, which would prove to be a valuable skill set in the wine industry. Marketing is crucial in promoting wines and reaching out to potential customers.

Finally, in 2014, the two brothers fulfilled their dream of owning their vineyard, purchasing a mid-size vineyard in North Nuriootpa. This marked the beginning of their winemaking journey, where they could put their education and passion for wine into practice. Starting their winery, named Ubertas Wines, was likely a challenging yet rewarding experience for Philip and Kevin.

Now, their hard work and dedication have come to fruition, as people can enjoy Philip's wine at the Ubertas Wines cellar door. This suggests that their wines have gained recognition and are available for tasting and purchase at their winery's retail location.

Ubtas Wines Kevin Liu Ubtas Wines Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

Kevin grew up in Taiwan before immigrating to Australia in 2007. He had his start in agriculture working on his grandfather’s rice fields, which was labour-intensive and instilled a sense of hard work and respect for the land.

Kevin has a Masters in Marketing from University of South Australia. He champions the uniqueness and inclusivity of the Ubertas brand, and loves sharing our wine with visitors and customers from all over the world.

He is also the brains behind exporting Ubertas wines – primarily to China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Kevin knows the contrast between the vibrant and busy atmosphere of these countries compared with the quiet, creative spirit of the Barossa Valley. By exporting Ubertas, everyone can experience the flavours of organic wine produced in a small Australian community.

Ubtas Wines Philip Liu Ubtas Wines Philip Liu

Philip Liu

Like his brother Kevin, Philip immigrated to Australia in 2007. He has a Masters in Oenology (winemaking) from the University of Adelaide and he is passionate about organic farming that enriches the soil and creates full-flavoured grapes.

Growing up in Taiwan – a large population on a tiny island – he was taught the importance of sustainable farming, and so along with Kevin decided to make Ubertas Wines 100% organic. By not using pesticides we can maintain the earthworms and organisms that enrich the soil and give our wines their full-bodied flavour.

When you visit you’ll most likely find Philip and Kevin behind the tasting bench, ready to welcome you

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